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2002 Valley East Inquest

In 2001 there was a house fire on Roy St. in Valley East.  It tragically resulted in the deaths of 3 people.  The ensuing outrage questioning fire response and fire services prompted a Coroner's Inquest that completed in 2002, after a year and a half. 

The effects of the tragedy were far reaching in the community. It took its toll on friends, neighbours, and emergency responders.  The inquest and media coverage brought to light some of the shortcomings known by city officials, and tried to demonstrate the extent of the impact on the community. 

The true impact can never be known. 

Attached is a copy of the report.  It outlines many recommendations to audit and enhance the level of fire protection in the area to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Also, some of the newspaper articles from the time are here for your reference.

Valley East Inquest Report 2002.pdf

VE needs fulltime jury.pdf

Chief Hanmore Often Worried about VFF Response.pdf

Great Grandma Tried to Save.pdf

Inquest Calls for Fulltime.pdf

Witnesses Call for Fulltime.pdf

Report on Fire Services was Ignored.pdf

Uneven Service Levels Remain.pdf

Inquest Reveals Poor Political Decisions.pdf

Inquest Cost 180G.pdf

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